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Precautions for metal slitter operation

Published:2022-09-28 16:25:48  Views:503

What should be paid attention to in the actual operation of the metal slitter? Next, the slitter manufacturer will take us to have a look.

Before opening the metal slitting machine, we should carefully check whether the machine and equipment are available. It is very likely to start using only after confirmation.

In addition, we should also properly maintain the equipment, clean it up, and ensure its steady growth.

When the equipment is in operation, it should be operated for about ten to twenty minutes in low gear. In this process, pay attention to whether there is abnormal noise from the equipment, and ask the technical staff to solve it.

In the case of feeding, we also need to carry out actual operations as required. In general, the commodity feeding shall be placed in the good position of the secret medicine center of the metal slitter, and the optical eye of the unwinder shall be properly adjusted to ensure its sensitivity.

In the middle of the work, we should pay attention to the selection of appropriate production factors according to the production and manufacturing requirements, and pay attention to the specifications and models of the strict materials in power. We must ensure that the specifications and specifications of the materials are consistent. When the metal slitting machine is finished in operation, the standby operation shall be carried out according to the requirements to ensure the next use of deformation.



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